You don’t have to be crafty to be Agile – but it helps…

I’ve just been coaching a colleague in the planning of another facilitation session. This time we’re looking at the rather dry subject of finance, budgets and (gasp) savings.

In the planning session we identified our agile (it’s likely to change, of course) agenda, our areas to separate the room into (Area one: identifying budget, highlighting budget items with cheesy cash-related avatars and associated actions, & area two: committing to savings items – i.e signing them off as a collaborative team.)

In the planning it became clear that surfacing the items and adding them to cards will enable discussion and allow for clear, actionable items and decisions backed by team involvement, action and commitment.

So for our meeting – we’ll need plenty of kanban cards, blue-tack, post-it notes (for grouping, prioritising, action-identifying), avatars, pens and wall space… you don’t have to be crafty (or analytical, or a planning gun) to be Agile – but it helps!

You don’t have to be crafty to be Agile – but it helps…

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