Work-Life Balance, Food Groups & an “Unconference”

I was just pondering over this article about “work-life balance” that suggests the term “work-life balance” as being a poor one – it suggests that rather, we should think of the areas of our lives like food groups – there are various parts to life to keep us “nourished” or “balanced”.

To contribute to my “work life balance” – no we’re not using that term any more – “life nourishment” I took myself off to Melbourne’s first ever Agile Coach Camp – an “unconference” – at the weekend.  It was my first real foray in to the work of anything like an “Agile meetup” and I have to say – it was great!

Typically Agile, the agenda is not set until everyone is present and a “marketplace” for ideas opens and people either present items they’d like to facilitate and lead, or items they’d like something answered about.

I went to:
– Finding your team’s Mojo
– Unlocking the power of Agile mind, body & soul
– Agile Jujitsu
– Dealing with difficult people
– How to be a better coach
– Evolution v Revolution
– Agile: Convincing “The Board”

Key takeaways were:
– I really need to work somewhere with a view of the port, a games console and a pool table
– The Melbourne Agile Coaching community are an awesome, welcoming bunch of people
– Dealing with difficult people? Don’t avoid it! Deal with it!
– Mojo and “Soul” are hard to pin – but worth investing in
– Agile, like the martial arts, takes practice and discipline!
– Evolution and revolution both have their place in the world of change

Oh, and I can stand like a one-legged tree for longer than I thought.

Now to unravel all the learnings (“Read, Mark, Learn and Inwardly digest“) and apply them practically….

Work-Life Balance, Food Groups & an “Unconference”

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